Ein unerwarteter Spaziergang: Mein Hund geht mir fremd – Was nun?

An unexpected walk: My dog ​​is cheating on me – what now?

If your dog suddenly shows affection or joy at the sight of another person, you may feel like he is “cheating” on you. This phenomenon is not only interesting, but also offers the opportunity to better understand and deepen your relationship with your four-legged friend.

Dog Love: Loyalty and Emotional Bonding

Dogs are known for their loyalty and affection, but their affections are not exclusive. They can like several people or even animals and express their love in different ways. So “cheating” in the dog world has nothing to do with a lack of love or loyalty. It's much more about curiosity, social interactions and sometimes a second “favorite person”.

Some causes could be:

  • Variety : New people mean new experiences and smells.

  • Different needs : Sometimes different people provide different social interactions or games.

  • Previous attachments : Dogs often remember people who were good to them.

Navigating Dog Loyalty: How Do You Deal With It?

1. No jealousy

  • Your dog still loves you. His affection for others does not diminish his love for you.

2. Positive associations

  • It's nice when your dog has a good time with others and shows joy.

3. Extended socialization

  • Multiple positive relationships are good for your dog's social development.

A safe home and an open heart: promoting the bond with your dog

Stable routines

  • Establish and maintain routines to create a safe and trusting environment.

Time together

  • Spend quality time together through games, walks and cuddle times.


  • Learn to read your dog's signals and communicate with him clearly and consistently.

Conclusion: A heart that loves is always young

Dogs have a fascinating way of expressing love and affection. If your dog “cheats” on you, take it as a compliment – ​​you have a social, friendly and loving friend by your side. Celebrate his ability to share love and joy and remember that there is always a special place in his heart reserved just for you.

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