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Still questions?

What made your snacks special?

Our functional snacks not only impress with their great taste. Thanks to a scientifically based composition and high-quality combinations of active ingredients, they offer an effective and well-considered supplement for the well-being of your four-legged friend.

Which dog breeds are your snacks suitable for?

For all! There are no restrictions here, as our functional snacks are good for all dogs.

At what age do you recommend functional snacks for our dogs?

From the fifth week onwards, the addition is harmless. You can also start with half a snack and then slowly increase it.

Do dogs have to be old and sick before taking supplements?

Even young and energetic dogs benefit from the right supplementary food. The natural ingredients need time to develop their full preventive effect. With our tasty snacks you can actively promote your dog's long-term well-being.

If your four-legged friend already has health problems, the products can serve as a supportive therapeutic measure - of course in consultation with the veterinarian.

How many snacks can my dog ​​have per day?

The right application for every size:

up to 5 kg I 1 snack I This is enough for 3 months
5 - 15 kg I 2 snacks I That's enough for 1.5 months
15 -30 kg I 3 snacks I That's enough for a month
> 30 kg I 4 snacks I That's enough for 3/4 months

When and how is it best to feed your snacks?

You can give the daily portion flexibly throughout the day, whether during practice, in search games, mixed directly into the food or in smaller pieces as a tasty topping over the main meal. The choice is entirely yours.

However, don't forget to include snacks in the overall food ration to prevent problems such as obesity and digestive difficulties.

When will I notice an improvement?

The snacks should be administered for at least 3 months.

However, some dogs show a positive change earlier.