Unique nutrition expertise

We receive many questions about sensible feed supplements every day. When answering them, we draw on the expertise of our team in the areas of feed advice and holistic vitality advice and always refer to the latest scientific studies.

Dominique - der Allrounder

Animal nutritionist & nutrient expert

As a founder and nutrition expert, the welfare of your dogs is close to my heart, as they are not just pets, but loyal companions and family members whose health and happiness are immeasurably valuable to us. In addition to a balanced diet, food supplementation is crucial to meet specific nutritional needs and support the well-being of dogs at all stages of their lives.

We work every day to make your dogs feel better.

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Jessica - the "nutrilexicon"

Jessica, 26 from Cologne, specializes as an expert in nutritional supplements for dogs. With sound training, she focuses on customized supplement plans that promote health and vitality. Her passion and expertise help to improve dogs' quality of life through targeted, scientifically backed nutritional support.

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Andrea - the Vital Coach

Andrea, our vitality coach for dogs, takes a holistic approach to health. She promotes the well-being of four-legged friends with expertise and passion. Her customized approaches are based on a comprehensive view of nutrition, exercise and mental well-being.

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