Vitamin E für Hunde: Der Weg zu einem strahlendem Fellfreund

Vitamin E for dogs: The path to a radiant fur friend

The health of our four-legged friends is important to all of us. In addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise, there are food supplements that can make the difference. One of these miracle cures is vitamin E.

Why is vitamin E so important for dogs?

  • Skin and coat care : Vitamin E supports skin regeneration and ensures a shiny coat. Dry skin or dull fur? Vitamin E could be the solution!

  • Antioxidant effect : Like vitamin C, vitamin E also has strong antioxidant properties that protect the body's cells from harmful free radicals and thus support the immune system.

  • Cell health : Vitamin E plays a key role in cell function and regeneration, which is particularly important for muscle and nerve function.

  • Immune System Support : A strengthened immune system helps your dog fight off illness and recover more quickly from injuries or illnesses.

Fluffy & Fit and Vitamin E : If you're looking for a way to incorporate vitamin E into your dog's diet, check out "Fluffy & Fit." Not only does this food supplement contain vitamin E from natural sources, but it is also perfectly balanced to provide your dog with everything he needs for a healthy life.

Interesting facts about vitamin E :

  • Natural sources : Good natural sources of vitamin E include nuts, seeds, spinach and broccoli. Some high-quality dog ​​foods already contain vitamin E, but supplementation may be useful in certain cases.

  • Daily requirement : The need for vitamin E can vary depending on the size, age and lifestyle of the dog. An average dog needs about 10-50 IU of vitamin E per day.

  • Absorption : Vitamin E is fat-soluble, meaning it is best absorbed with fat. Make sure your dog's food contains healthy fats to maximize vitamin E absorption.

  • Synergistic effect : Vitamin E often works hand in hand with other vitamins and minerals. In combination with vitamin C, for example, the antioxidant effect can be increased.

In summary, vitamin E should be a key element in your dog's diet. With "Fluffy & Fit" you can ensure that your four-legged friend receives all the nutrients he needs for a vital and active life.

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